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Jumat, 09 September 2011

IQ User's Internet Explorer is the lowest

Results of a survey conducted Aptiquant consulting firm showed that users of Internet Explorer browser from Microsoft has an average IQ is lower than any other browser users, such as Chrome, Firefox, Camino, Opera, and Safari. This report has sparked outrage from supporters of Internet Explorer and threatening Aptiquant into the realm of law.

As quoted by BBC News, Tuesday (08/02/2011), Aptiquant do research on the Internet Explorer browser users, Chrome, Camino, Firefox, and Safari. In this study, each volunteer is asked to do IQ tests over the web, then they are mapped according to the value of the browser they use. Internet Explorer users turn out to have an average IQ is lower than people using Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Camino and Opera users have the highest rates.

Researchers provide a free online IQ test to more than 100,000 people. The results showed that users of Internet Explorer had an average IQ of 80. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari scored an IQ over 100, while the user's browser Opera and Camino has a value of "very high" that is 120.

However, Aptiquant stressed that users of Internet Explorer does not mean having a low intelligence. There is no reciprocity in this survey. "The study does not actually say that if you have an IQ lower then most likely you will be using Internet Explorer," said Leonard Howard, CEO Aptiquant.

However, such action was denounced Professor David Spiegelhalter of the Statistical Laboratory of Cambridge University. He said that Aptiquant have used this study only as a form of skepticism. "They have the numbers that users of Internet Explorer 6 IQ around 80. I believe these figures are absurd and insulting to Internet Explorer users," said David.

Related to criticism from users of Internet Explorer and criticism of Professor David Howard said he did not feel threatened by lawsuits. "Victory in court would only give stamp of approval and krdibilitas more to our report," he said (Source : BBC)

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